What I’m using..

.. to look after myself. Hey, so recently i decided to go through all my products, skin hair and other such items and throw out everything i don't use and that's out of date. Doing this left me without any products to take care of myself with and also a lot of space to fill … Continue reading What I’m using..


Things i’m getting into right now

  Hey, So recently, I've decided to have a 'life overhaul' and I've been trying  and loving new things! First thing i'm getting into is podcasts! I've never really been one to listen to anything other than music, but thought i might switch it up. I'm very into horror and crime and thrillers so of … Continue reading Things i’m getting into right now

No excuses..

..for not looking after yourself!   Hey! So recently I've been prepping and planning and looking for some stuff to help me on my journey to get back to me. The other day i managed to find and go get myself a second hand treadmill, its still in great working condition, it was just one … Continue reading No excuses..