Well, i guess as my first blog post i should really introduce myself. I am the lazy ginger, and yes i am both ginger and lazy, but i think you may have already guessed. i have never blogged before and i think its a nice way of sharing your life without any pressures of what you’re supposed to be like.

Me? well I’m just your average 20 something year old woman, i work and i like to spend time with my family and friends.

i will mostly be blogging about my life and hopefully most of my blogs wont be as ‘formal’ as this one shall we say.

I enjoy gaming and streaming. I’m in the middle of setting up my own YouTube account, which i may mention when i get up and running. i LOVE baking, mostly cakes and biscuits. My grandparents were bakers and even had their own shop but retired when i was about 1. i think my passion about baking comes from them. I also enjoy doing D.I.Y craft projects, such as sewing, card making and other such crafting projects. I also have a love for photography, and that flower and mug photo you see is some of my handy work. hope you like it. However, i don’t get much time to enjoy doing all these things as much as id like to as i work full time in a not so glamorous job. when i get free time i like to try and do as many of these things as possible, but we all know by now that sometimes I’m just too damn lazy to get going.

Well now you know a bit about me i guess i should let you know i’ll be blogging as much as i can. i hope someday that someone reads one of my blogs and enjoys it!

– thelazyginger 


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