Weekend update.

So far i have watched about 6 or 7 horror/thriller films and I’ve eaten my body weight in snacks, chocolate and crisps and i’m about to make me and him some hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream and maybe a sprinkle of chocolate. yum.

i’m not sure what i’m blogging about today but i just fancied a bit of a blog.

quite impressed with myself blogging twice in a week, though i have only just started off.

I love this autumn weather and the whole feel of Halloween then knowing after that is a run up to Christmas and its very exciting. i bought some orange fake leaves to decorate my bed with, to hopefully make my room feel more cosy.

I’m thinking of blogging my weight loss and fitness story as i go hopefully it will inspire me to get fitter. i’ve been going to the gym for almost 11 months now and although my fitness level is pretty good, (i’ve honestly amazed myself because i know how lazy i really am) i’m not losing weight because i can not seem to balance up my eating along size exercise which i know is key to getting the body i want. I hope you’ll all support me on my fitness journey and i hope i can inspire one person to make the change i made. i can totally explain everything in another blog about my weight and stuff. really looking forward to it actually.

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend. mine carries on until Monday night. how lovely.



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