Fitness journey.

Hey, so this is gonna be the beginning of my fitness journey and this blog will be my journal.

So last year at around December time I gained a lot of weight and i felt so embarrassed and sick of the way i look so i decided that in the new year i would start the gym and start eating better.

My big problem is I know how important it is for your fitness and food to be in balance but i can only seem to do one at a time atm. if im eating better im not exercising and if im exercising then my eating is bad. Stuck in a vicious circle right now. i need to break it. Im a cleaner in a warehouse so i spend most of my day on my feet, walking around is about 3-5 miles a day but my body has gotten used to it,thats another reason i started putting weight on. i do 10,000 steps 5 days a week easy, if not a whole lot more.

I have signed up to do tough mudder next september with my friend and lots of people from work and I would like to be in a lot better shape for it. In fact i would just like to be in a better place in the way i look and think about myself.

Well ive been going to the gym about 3 days a week since january, most of the time, everyone skips a week here and there or does another day if they feel like it. Anyway, my fitness went from a struggling unhealthy and overweight young woman to now.. well i can jog for 15 mins without stopping and then do extra little bits like weights, ab crunches etc. For me, this is amazing, cause last year i would have laughed at someone if they asked me to jog for 15ย seconds nevermind 15 mins. my fitness is much better and all i need to do is work on my stamina and maybe include a personal training session once a week to up it a bit. In fact im pretty happy with my gym sessions. i do however need to start training more for this tough mudder.

This one is a hard one, some days I eat really good and some days i eat really bad and some days im in between. none of this is good enough and i know in my head i need to be eating much better in the week at least and then give myself one or two cheat days to curb the cravings. However, this is much easier said than done. i have very little self-control. sometimes i do food prep on the weekend so i know what im going to be eating at work for the week, which is fine, but with vending machines everywhere and the usual ‘energy dip’ i get towards the end of the day, especially when ive been to the gym before my shift, its hard to avoid temptation. I started a food diary, it started strong and then i stopped doing it purely from forgetting so i will be starting that back up again.

What next;
I’m going to be looking into healthy/clean eating and hopefully being able to control my damn self so I can stop eating so much crap. finding simple and healthy meals and snacks. I may do a personal training session once a week to go along side my 3 day a week gym sessions.

So basically this is where my journey starts, its down in writing now so hopefully that will spur me on. any support and encouragement is more than welcome. I will be taking pictures of my body every 3 months or so, mainly so I can see if there is a difference and i will absolutely not be looking at weight. i already know muscle is heavier than fat and maybe my body wont physically get to a goal weight. so i wont be setting one. I know my problems and why im not getting anywhere so this time I’m gonna try harder. i will miss you crisps and chocolate. you’re only my treats from now on.

I’ll keep you all updated.



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