Hey, so tonight i went for my first proper jog outdoors!

it was in fact a LOT harder than on the treadmill, i already knew that it would be so that’s OK. there’s a street near my house that i always try and jog down every blue moon, however, i’ve never actually been able to jog all the way down it.

Until tonight! that’s right, i fucking nailed it! i’m so happy with myself. and i did a circle around my house and jogged for the most part of it.
In the gym i can jog 15 mins at a push on the treadmill, tonight i jogged for about 6 mins in total.
i stopped for a couple of seconds at the point down the street that i cant normally jog down cause i was so happy then i jogged again, then had to walk the last couple of minutes. i know if you’re already an ‘outdoorsy’ jogger yourself then it wont look like a lot, but for me it is, also i’m hitting goals i never thought i would ever hit and its definitely a feel good factor.

The best part of all this is i get to do this set route over and over and i can only improve from here. Also i finally got over the fear of going out and jogging. i don’t know what it is, but i’ve always been too embarrassed to do it. stupid i know, so i guess its good that it was dark and it was raining like mad! haha!

Anyways, thought i’d share my little accomplishment with you guys. I know its not much but in my head i think that if i make more small and achievable goals and start hitting them then it will make me feel better and like i can accomplish anything i set my mind to!

Hope you’re all having a good week!



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