Well its been a while since i last blogged.
the diet and gym .. not had a good 2 weeks with it. After having a migraine for 4 days i wasn’t really feeling good food and exercise.

I have been slowly trying to get back to normal. My next job is to look for some recipes and go do a ‘big shop’.

I’ve been away in Manchester for a couple of nights to do some shopping and go the Christmas markets, and also just cause i fancied getting away from my little town and work and i wanted to relax and forget responsibility. I enjoyed it!

I had a lovely time at the markets, we met up with a couple of friends and had a mooch and some drinks. My friend Laura, in an effort to give me more hot wine, tried to pour hers into my cup and ended up spilling it all over me, silly woman! haha!


I did a bit of shopping and managed to come back with a new gym outfit which i love but i’m not happy with the way i look in it so i definitely need to slim down before i can go out in it. This run up to Christmas is nobody’s friend who is trying to diet, so much naughty food and i have little self control.

Anyway, well done guys we made it to the weekend. Enjoy your day.



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