It’s been a while,


Hey, its been ages since i posted here, I’ve been super busy!

So recently i decided to join my friend in her personal training sessions at the gym, once a week, high impact training, and oh boy I’ve been thrown in at the deep end! She had weeks of training to get to where she was and i got stuck in straight away at her level! I’ve only done 2 sessions and the first one included boxing, which i absolutely loved and managed to keep up with her and some other guy who trains with us. Fantastic, wonderful.. all until Wednesday when i decided to try at it again and i completely sucked! The cardio stuff i can keep up with, but then there were a lot of exercises that involved being in the planking position and do stuff, which i then realised i have a pathetic amount of upper body strength and really struggled with that stuff. well i already knew i had no upper body strength but at least now i know what exercises i can practice when i’m at home to improve.
Also i finally took the plunge and took pictures of my body so i can compare when i finally start getting everything balanced and hopefully i will see the difference eventually.

Well Christmas is literally around the corner, and i’m so not ready and that’s really not like me! i’m normally all spent, almost all wrapped and tree and decorations up and all that’s left is baking goodies on Christmas eve, this year though, i’m no where near done and its stressing me out, i feel like i have no money and no time and i hate not getting people nice things. i love giving gifts and i’m struggling for ideas. i think i need to get back into my DIY gifts because i like them better and its more personal. i feel people appreciate the time and effort you put into a gift when its homemade and personal. i’ll be doing some research and making some time to do nice things like that hopefully. Maybe i could make some DIY blog posts.

Well i’m sick and off work today so i can do some research now i guess.

Happy Saturday Lazy followers!



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