17th December

It’s almost Christmas!
i’m so not ready yet so i’m not really that excited, which i don’t like because, regardless of me working through most of Christmas, i’m normally sorted and ready, wrapped and cards wrote out! this year I’ve only just managed to buy everything and i have a little bit of baking to do as presents and then i’m done.
I just want the wrapping and sorting over with so i can relax and enjoy my week before the big day.

I always try and buy a fair bit of stuff for people for Christmas because i actually enjoy buying for other people and giving gifts but this year i spoke to my mum about it because i was stressing about not being ready for Christmas, and we both agreed that spending time with people is obviously the better choice, and i know most people aren’t bothered if i don’t get them anything but i decided to bake for people instead. I’m baking Christmas biscuits and decorating them. It’s the thought that counts and its personal and ‘made with love’ so hopefully they can tell that time and thought has gone into their gift. I know for sure that i would appreciate a gift like that.

On a better note, i’m excited to see people over the Christmas holidays. I’ve managed to see a few people so far who i don’t often get to see and its been really nice. I also have my new years resolutions planned out which will hopefully make next year a lot better for me. i really wanna start and restart doing things that i really wanna do that will make me happy and hopefully make others happy in the process. I can see that this year has been like hell for most people and i guess things don’t get good until you make them good. so bring it on!

I’m hoping to post again before the new year but if not, have an amazing Christmas!



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