22nd December

Good evening!

It’s so close to Christmas right now and i’m feeling a little better about it, i’m almost done wrapping i have his to wrap and i’m done and then baking for a couple of nights and i’m officially set for the day.


I have made a Christmas eve box each for my nephews, such a cute idea. They contain pj’s a DVD and a little chocolate treat! Also on top we added some ‘reindeer dust’ to make it more magical. I cant wait to see their faces when the see that they can open a gift on Christmas eve. Here they are..


I’m getting a bit more excited for Christmas. though i dislike the thought of working every other day around Christmas, i don’t know how some people work on the day. hats off to them! i hate missing family time and i hate it when other people have to miss it! Anyway i’ll plod along, someones got to do it i suppose.

I’m getting more and more excited for the new year and trying to fulfil my new years resolutions, i’ll make a post about them in the new year. i’m feeling way more positive about next year already.

Anyway i must get back to the ‘before Christmas clean’.

Enjoy your Christmas fellow bloggers!



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