Post Christmas


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. Although i didn’t feel it this year at all due to working, i did really enjoy my day off swapping gifts and seeing family.
I have been really spoiled again this year i am so lucky!

I am now a proud owner of not 1 but 3 different mermaid tail blankets, haha! Also i am going to the Harry Potter Studio tour! i could not be more excited! Thank-you momma!
Another one of my favourite presents was off my boyfriend and its an Instax mini polaroid camera! i have only taken 2 photos with it but i’m so excited to take more!


One main reason i feel like i haven’t enjoyed Christmas as much this year is that I’ve had to work every day around it, which isn’t fun at all! Its left me barely any time to relax and enjoy anything. But i got another great present off my boyfriend which is a book;


And since i couldn’t enjoy Christmas at home, i thought i’d bring a bit of Christmas to work with me. I love this book, its based on the Five nights at Freddy’s franchise, which if you don’t know, is an indie game that took off really well and there are many different games including fan-made games too! I really love it, i wont spoil it for anyone and i’m not even half way through this book but it has me gripped! its not a very long book but the chapters are long and its so well written, definite recommendation, even if you never play one of the games!

Other than the bore of working, I’ve had a nice Christmas, but boy am i ready for the new year. I have my resolutions ready and i just need some shopping and i’m ready to go.

Hope you all have a fabulous new years celebration, whatever you’re doing. I’m having a night in, and i think that’s just what i need to end this year!

All the best my lovelies! Hope 2017 is your best year yet!



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