Happy New Year!

First of all, a massive happy new year to you all!
I really hope this is the start of an amazing year for everybody!

Now, i’m back at the gym as of today, I’ve been poorly over Christmas and i’m just about getting rid of it,whatever it was, so its been about 3 weeks since I’ve been to the gym and today was a really good work out to get back into it. I really enjoyed it! Back to personal training on Wednesday, which is going to kill me! All worth it soon! :S

Back to new years, and many of you will make resolutions and many of you will not be bothered, i’m usually on the side of ‘I’m  probably not gonna change so why bother’, however, this year i would like to change that, to have a more fulfilling and exciting year to do everything i really want to do, so for that i have a few resolutions.

As you can see i’m very prepared for this year, after buying a few notepads, (and i really wanted a 2017 diary but i cant find one anywhere!) i’m on my way to making a good start.


So my resolutions;

My little green notebook is now my monthly goals notebook. In there i will write what month it is and 3 goals i would like to achieve during the month. I have already written January’s goals in there. The goals can be as big or as small as i like and by the end of the year i can look back and see how many i have actually completed, thus giving me a good feeling like I’ve really accomplished something. 🙂

Another goal is to see more people more often. Both friends and family seem to lag behind in my life as i work a stupid shift pattern and although i cant change the shifts, i can work around them. My aim is to see people more often, even if it means for less time. So maybe, meet up for a coffee for half an hour with someone and then do the same in a couple of weeks, see this is why i need a diary!! I will attempt this!!

Next, I really want (and need) to be more prepared for everything this year. Mostly for work and food prep wise but also for occasions and birthdays, which i’m really hit and miss with, sometimes i’m prepared well in advance and sometimes i’m last minute cause i forget. This year i want to be ready and ahead of the game. Which in itself doesn’t seems too difficult of a resolution, but for me it seems like the end of the world trying to do it haha!

I have one of these notebooks as a Monthly To do list. Basically it is what it says, apparently i’m a ‘make a list’ person and i didn’t even realise till now! So my to do list is just general crap that people write lists for and actually its a very long list in which i can add to during the month and tick off as and when. My biggest to do is to completely gut and clean out my bedroom and rearrange things to go in better places. My wardrobes are full of clothes i need to get rid off cause i keep buying them like there’s no tomorrow and not even getting a chance to wear things. Also de-cluttering is another big job, i have so many things that need either throwing away or putting up or sorting out in general, so i need to find better storage ideas and whatnot to keep everything away and tidy. That’s gonna be one hell of a job!

This year i want to focus on seeing people and picking up my hobbies again, i want to make more ‘me’ time and make more of an effort with looking after myself. Body and mind! I’ve never been too bothered about doing that before but i really wanna get to a point where i’m happy with the way i am and the way i look and feel. Though i think everyone should feel good about themselves, its hard to actually do, I suppose positive thinking is key!

So that brings me to my last resolution. Last year before Christmas i sat there completely unhappy with the way i was so i decided it was about time to join the gym. i made my friend join with me to help us both as she wanted the same thing.  I said to myself, ‘ i do NOT want to feel this way again by this time next year’ so anyway, ‘next year’ came and went and i felt the same and i was incredibly disappointed with myself. So me and my weight and diet and all that, I’ve kinda been the person who can do one or the other, i can either eat well and not exercise or i can exercise and not eat well, i cant do in-between for some reason. I absolutely know that if i had balanced a good diet with the gym i’d be where i want to be, but i didn’t and i need to, however, i don’t want to dishearten myself by being unhappy with what I’ve not done, i want to realise what i actually have done. What i have done is go to the gym for a whole year for 3 days a week, obviously not religiously, I’ve missed days here and there, but on the other hand, I’ve done it. I’ve actually got up and gone. Also I’ve improved my fitness by an incredible amount and now i know i can do things. That gives me a good feeling. I’ve accomplished so much. The best part is, when i look back at the person who i was, i couldn’t be more proud of how far I’ve actually come. I used to avoid the gym and be too shy and embarrassed to do anything. Now i work out at the gym, in front of actual people! and i go jogging outdoors sometimes, which i would have never even dreamed of 2 years ago. So instead of being gutted about not being thinner, I’ve decided that i can do the gym now, I’ve done a year of it, now this year i’m focusing on my diet, and i WILL eventually balance it out! That is my main goal.

So that was a hell of a post. I hope i have inspired maybe one person to set a goal, that would be a lovely feeling.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks.
Happy Monday.



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