i got to bake


So the 4th Jan was my friends birthday, and that means i got to bake her a birthday cake! It was a surprise for her what it would be and look like. i like to bake simple cakes as i’m no expert but i definitely enjoy baking and making. So here it is;


This was a chocolate sponge cake with pink buttercream icing. There was 2 layers and buttercream in the middle too. She absolutely loved it, which is all i was going for, its not the best looking cake but its the taste that counts!

Not all of her presents showed up on the day which was really crappy, so instead i made her a birthday breakfast of pancakes and icing sugar sprinkled on top, i had some too and they were really nice. I know i said i was eating better, but, calories don’t count on birthdays, right? haha! 😉

It was pretty crappy that we were working but i think we had a good, but exhausting day. i just hope she really enjoyed herself!

As its my birthday next week, i booked the weekend off so hopefully we can go and do something fun together as a sort of ‘joint’ celebration! i think we may be going bowling with our other halves. exciting, i will keep you posted.

Well, not long till the weekend guys, enjoy the rest of your week!

Happy Thursday!



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