Let’s catch up!


So its been forever since i last posted and a lot has happened!
Let me tell you about my month so far.

11th January was my birthday. I turned 24, i had to work but i had such a lovely day! i was really spoiled! I got a lot of lovely presents, including, a camera tripod and new memory card, pyjamas, boots, money and chocolates, but one of my favourite presents was a brand new bag!

image2 (2)gg.JPG

Isn’t it beautiful! i love it so much!

Ok so, 12th January i went to watch The Tenderloins comedy troupe, a little gift to myself. it was absolutely hilarious! I love watching impractical jokers, the US version is the funniest, so this was a definite for me, loved it, would go again! Wasn’t the worst seats either!

image1 (2)n.JPG

15th January was my oldest brother’s birthday, so unfortunately i didn’t get to see him cause i went out for a belated birthday meal with the boyfriend and his brother and wife, which was a really good time, TGI Friday’s is one of my favourite restaurants! Also my brother liked the present i got for him, so it was all good!

This January I’ve been trying out my Fit Bit, which i really love. I love that you can set your own goals and see how well you do, i quite like as well that you can put in your water intake and your food in the day, it does everything for you and if you wear it to bed you can see how well and how long you slept. turns out i’m not a great sleeper, which would explain a lot of problems. maybe a new night/wind down routine is in order.

Here is how well i do sometimes;


My goals are:
10 flights of stairs a day,
10,000 steps,
Burn 2500 calories,
Walk 8 km
Be active at least 30 minutes.

I’ve been more conscious of taking the stairs, hopefully small changes will make a big difference.

I have started my training for tough mudder in September, its so hard and my first training session left me unable to move properly for about 3 days! haha! oh dear, can only improve from here, i hope!

I have so much planned for this year, i’m so excited! starting next weekend i’m going away for 2 nights to do some shopping and chilling, which doesn’t sound like much but i’m so excited to just relax properly after a fairly busy month so far. However, before i go off to do that, i’m starting my ‘spring cleaning’ very early this year and i’m completely gutting and cleaning and tidying and de-cluttering my bedroom, clear space, clear head maybe? i want it to inspire me to get shit done basically!

Oh and i finally got my 2017 diary! i love it!


isn’t it cute! i will be more organised!!

Anyway, i hope you all enjoyed the catch up!
Enjoy your weekend!



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