Hello February!

i keep leaving it too long between posts, i guess i finally have a busy life at the moment haha!

It’s finally a new month and that means i get to write my 2 new monthly goals, i didn’t achieve every goal last month but i pretty much completed my January to do list!
i’m not sure what my goals are gonna be this month but i’m sure i’ll think of something!

From the 2nd of January i challenged myself to have no take away’s for a whole month, which sounds ridiculous but for me it was just easy food after a long day and it ended up being 2-3 times a week sometimes, especially on my weekends off. However its now my last night of no take away’s and I’ve done it! I feel a bit better for doing it, small steps, if i can give up take away’s i can give up lots of stuff, so here goes!

My last week of January has been quite busy, i booked 6 days off work to catch up with things that really needed doing and to also have a couple of nights away in Manchester to do some shopping and chilling with my other half.

My first 2 days off were spent ‘spring cleaning’ my bedroom, which really needed doing. I cleaned, tidied and sorted out ever inch of my room, including in my wardrobes and draws, which resulted in about 5 bin bags full of crap that needed throwing away! i’m amazed i managed to store all that crap. i’m feeling much better about it now, clean and tidy space means a clean and tidy head, less anxiety and stress with no more mess.

So my last 3 days off were spent in a nice hotel, going shopping in a city and just relaxing, i really needed it. I even tried new foods and new places, which i boringly never usually do, but this time i did and i really enjoyed it!


I tried matcha bubble tea, which i enjoyed, but it wasn’t amazing, maybe other flavours of bubble tea need to be tried!

I tried out Wagamama for the first time too, which i liked. i’m not usually adventurous when it comes to food so this was a big thing for me!


I also found a cute little american themed diner, which was so cute, the decor was amazing, the atmosphere was so chilled and the food was really really good. i think its my new favourite place to eat! I was amazed and fascinated at one of the walls which was covered in american license plates.


I LOVE it, and will be going back again.


Everything is going pretty great so far and i love it!

Summary of last month.. adventurous and productive. I’d like to keep it up this month!

Hope you are all well.



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