February has been a bit of a boring month i guess, i have only posted twice!

I have decided what i’m giving up for lent, which i’ll probably do a separate blog about soon.


I have really been enjoying the weather this month, especially early mornings when the sun is out but the air is still crisp.

I know i don’t really have much to catch up on but i do have some new gel nail polishes to show you guys! they are all slightly different colours and please excuse my horrible chipped nails, they are now a gorgeous dark purple, with no chips!



i wish i could use them all at once i love all the colours!

I had a good catch up with my friend Laura the other day. She picked me up from work and fed me and we had a good chat and a laugh. Oh and i also got quite a lot of cuddles from her dog, Abe.


Look at that little face!

Anyway, i hope you all had a more exciting February than i did, sorry the catch up isn’t that great either but i definitely needed to blog again. Hopefully i will blog again very soon!

Have a good week.



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