Hey, so today i’m going to tell you what i’m giving up for lent.
I guess its a tad late as we’re already 5 days into lent right now, but oh well i’m doing good so far.

Lent is 40 days and 40 nights. It started on the 1st March and it ends on the 14th April. which sounds like a really long time, but it will be a good thing as it pushes me to give up something bad for longer than a month.

I’m giving up two things for lent, first is takeaways again. i know i can give up takeaways because I’ve done it before for just over a month. i need to start only having takeaways maybe once a month because i really want to stop having them, they’re such a quick alternative when i cant be bothered cooking, its frustrating how easy it is to just order in. Anyway i’m excited to see if i can give them up again for lent.

The second thing i’m giving up is crisps! i cannot stop eating them, they are my weakness and i don’t just eat one bag, i can eat 2 or 3 bags a day. sometimes i even eat the share bags to myself. it has to stop. i think when I’ve given them up for about 2 weeks i’ll be ok and not crave them as much.  I’m allowing myself some alternatives such as popcorn or rice cakes, things like that.

I hope i don’t struggle too much. So far i have not eaten any crisps for 6 days, as i didn’t have any the day before lent either, and i haven’t had a takeaway since 26th Feb. it was my last takeaway before giving it up again. i haven’t missed or craved either yet, but i guess there’s still time haha!

Though i have to say its only been 5 days but i am already thinking about completely changing my diet up. i need to start living better and eating better. Eventually i will give up chocolate and other goodies that i shouldn’t really be eating. i’ll get there eventually, but finding alternatives is really hard.

If anyone has any tips or alternatives to help me get to a better diet, please let me know. I’ve already been looking around at a more, shall we say, ‘organic’ diet and things i should be eating. i want better skin, i want to feel better, i want to lose a bit of weight still too. I’m constantly tired and i hate it. maybe i really need a lifestyle overhaul.

It’s amazing what giving up a couple of things can make you think about.

what did you guys decide to give up for lent?

Happy Sunday!



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