So recently i have made a few purchases that i’m really happy with. Most of them are food related and good food at that, and some are books and then beauty! I want to share my ‘haul’ of all sorts with you.

Lets start with beauty as i only bought 4 things. I have recently been following a youtuber/blogger called Tanya Burr, hopefully someone will know her, I have been looking at her cosmetic lines and found a line of lipsticks that i like.


There are 6 different colours but i only purchased 4, and of course now i want the other 2. I’m so happy with them, i love the packaging, gold and mirrored, which makes it easy when applying if i don’t have a mirror handy. The lipsticks are soft and smooth when they go on and i love all the colours.


Top to bottom;

Birthday cake, Wild safari, Pink cocoa and Big kiss.
Pink cocoa is my favourite atm. A nice sort of nude with a hint of pink, very nice for everyday. I’m very happy with them!

OK next, lets do books. First of all, i’m actually not a big reader in general, but if i do read i tend to go for the horror genre as i’m into all things creepy and horror related. These seem to be the only sort of books that can grab and keep my attention. So, I also for a long while, have been following another youtuber/Blogger most known as CutiePie Marzia. Now i’m a big fan of hers and i also signed up to her subscription boxes. Then i realised she wrote her own horror book called Dream House. I think she wrote it in Italian first and now i’ve found an English copy so i decided to purchase. It’s so cute!


So I haven’t started reading it yet as i’m still reading a different book atm, but I’ve nearly finished it and this one is definitely next, so i can let you’s know what i think when i read it!

My next book is, again from a youtuber/blogger, a recipe book by Niomi Smart. So i guess you can see my inspirational theme going on here haha! i like YouTube. Anyway, she has a plant-based diet and this recipe book gives you loads of information. Not just recipes but information about the plant based diet lifestyle, also about having exercise and diet balance and the recipes are for literally every meal and snacks and drinks! its really good and although i’m not going to be switching completely to a plant based diet, i would like to include some of the things in this book into my diet. She has actually opened my eyes to the amount of processed foods and drinks out there and its made me want to try eating better sourced ingredients and foods.


I’m not usually one for recipe books but this woman has got me trying new healthier things and getting myself on the right path with my diet. Also the book is beautiful with some really nice pictures in it too.

On to food now. with my inspiration from the recipe book and niomi smart i have bought a range of goodies that are much better for you to try and play around with.


These will be added to meals and smoothies and other such things to get better nutrients and to replace other processed foods.


These are all natural ingredients and were delicious. very different to what i normally would choose. but i loved it!


Would absolutely recommend these energy balls. Delicious, and i don’t normally like many things with nuts in. I definitely want to try to make my own ‘raw bites’ and ‘energy balls’ i’ll let you know how that goes haha!

I hope this wasn’t too boring, i’m a little lame being excited about these boring things but never mind haha. it makes me happy!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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