A morning walk

So, the other morning i was up super early, around 5:30am actually, and by 6am i had decided to take a camera out and go for a long, early morning walk.

It was so beautiful and peaceful, barely anyone out and if i did see someone they were walking their dogs. i managed to take over 200 photos.


I went through 2 parks and I met some cute doggies on my walk at the second park. They thought i had something in my hand to play with but i didnt, it was only the camera, but they were both shy but friendly and inquisitive. i got some very cute pictures of their noses as they kept running towards me as i crouched down to get some photos.

I was out for a good 2 hours and as the morning went on it got so much warmer and lovelier.

I had a good moring.

Hope you are having a good week!



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