Organised Morning

Good morning.
On a rainy Saturday.

I was up super early this morning. About 5:30am. I decided today would be a day of organising.

First i started the day off properly. With some fruit, yoghurt and granola for breakfast and a coffee in a huge Christmas mug.


Ok so then i wanted to go through my wardrobes and take out all the stuff i don’t wear anymore, or haven’t worn at all in some cases. Some of them still had labels on them.

i feel like for once. i was a bit more brutal than i usually am. i need rid of these clothes. they’re taking up too much room!


I feel a little better now that’s done. I’m going to sell or charity shop the clothes as someone else will probably get more use out of them than i will. It seems a better idea than just throwing them away.

Also my next step was to put all my pics and videos from my phone onto a USB stick. I usually put them on my computer but i feel like i have so many that i’m clogging up the memory on that too.


I feel way more organised this way.

Currently as i’m writing this it’s almost 10:30am.
i still have a lot of morning ahead of me.

I think for the rest of the morning i will tidy up my room and then have a bath and get myself ready for the rest of the day. I feel like this is gonna be a productive day.

This afternoon i might even go for a nice long walk too.

Happy Saturday guys. Enjoy your weekend!



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