A morning walk

Hey, So, the other morning i was up super early, around 5:30am actually, and by 6am i had decided to take a camera out and go for a long, early morning walk. It was so beautiful and peaceful, barely anyone out and if i did see someone they were walking their dogs. i managed to … Continue reading A morning walk


New job

Hey guys! i got myself a new job. I had my first shift today which went well, or i think so anyway. its been a long day and i've had an information overload but i'll get there eventually i suppose! I'm really hoping that this is a step in the right direction to getting myself … Continue reading New job


Hey, So recently i have made a few purchases that i'm really happy with. Most of them are food related and good food at that, and some are books and then beauty! I want to share my 'haul' of all sorts with you. Lets start with beauty as i only bought 4 things. I have … Continue reading Haul


February has been a bit of a boring month i guess, i have only posted twice! I have decided what i'm giving up for lent, which i'll probably do a separate blog about soon. I have really been enjoying the weather this month, especially early mornings when the sun is out but the air is … Continue reading Well..